90% of Americans listen to radio each week.
The populations of Reno = 225,221; Sparks = 90,264; Fernley = 19,368; Fallon pop = 8,606.
Total population of all four cities = 343,459.
90% of 343,459 = 309,113 = all radio listeners in all the 4 cities in an average week.
Nielsen (Arbitron) reports that at least 5% of the radio listeners in the local cities listen to Renegade Radio 101.3 FM at some time during the week.
Thus, there are reliable measurements showing an average of 15,455 listeners to Renegade Radio 101.3 FM during the week.

Footnote: The 90% figure is a national average measured by Nielsen (Arbitron) Ratings.
The populations of the cities is from US Census data.
The Reno/Sparks metro area is measured, while Fernley and Fallon are not; the Renegade Radio signal is rated as “fair” in Reno/Sparks, Excellent in Fernley and Good in Fallon. Thus, it is reasonable to conclude that listening statistics in Fernley and Fallon are equal to or greater than those in Reno/Sparks. These measurements are current and have held steady for the past five years.



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