You may have noticed that Renegade Radio is not programming its usual Christian Rock IN THE DAYLIGHT HOURS.


ANSWER: Not enough donations from people who want Christian Rock coupled with what seems to be a hesitancy of businesses to advertise on a radio station that promotes Christianity.  Example: although Renegade Radio is 2.8 miles from downtown Fernley,  the businesses in Fernley who have advertised over the last 20 years on Renegade Radio can be counted on one hand.

You can help by establishing a regular giving plan to keep Renegade Radio going with its mission to the younger generation.

Mail your donation to Renegade Radio, PO Box 490, Wadsworth NV 89442.


Save the Date!

2019 Trail Life National Summer Adventure & Family Convention

July 21-27, 2019

Georgia Baptist Conference Center

Toccoa, Georgia

Set in the mountains of beautiful north Georgia on the shores of Lake Louise, the Georgia Baptist Conference Center is uniquely fit to meet the needs of Trail Life USA’s first-ever National Summer Adventure & Family Convention.

Trailmen will camp at the onsite Camp Tugalo while their families enjoy the workshops and family activities at the nearby convention facility with hotel rooms and a campground just for them. The whole family will gather for several special evening events and for planned outdoor family times.

Further details regarding costs and programming will be available in early January through webinars being scheduled. So stay tuned after the first of the year for more details!

Consider giving a tax deductible gift to help us “guide generations of courageous young men to honor God, lead with integrity, serve others, and experience outdoor adventure.”
Trail Life USA
10612 Augusta Rd.
Belton, South Carolina 29627
United States
(321) 247-7761

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Support Renegade Radio

Support Renegade Radio

Sierra Nevada Christian Music Association (SNCMA) and Renegade Radio 101.3 FM (KRNG) have been a power house station since 1997. We play Rock, Rap, and all eclectic styles of Christian music. We support the local community in Northern Nevada from Fallon to Border City and from Wadsworth past Verdi. Our signal reaches the Black Rock […]