It’s a girl…, two girls!

The Sierra Safari Zoo has two new babies.

A beautiful new baby zebra is with her mom and they

are anxious to see visitors.

The other new arrival is a baby serval cat also a little girl.
Serval cats are spotted natives of Africa.

Sierra Safari Zoo is located 10 miles north of Reno off of Hwy 395 at the Red Rock Road exit, (number 78).
Hours from 10 AM to 5PM daily. Call for information 775 677 1101 or on the web it is
What’s next? A look at the mother deer will answer that question. They are due any day now.





“When someone comes to me and tells me that they are having a problem with the devil,” says an author, “and I see that it is possible to stop the situation with one action, I always respond the same way: ‘Just try an “Operation Jericho”! You’ll see It works!'”

Recounts this writer, Sister Emmanuel, a religious from France, there was the case of some Christian families who were fretting over an upcoming heavy-metal concert. The star band had connections with “drugs and the whole panoply of evils.”

Thousands of young were expected to attend.

“Let’s do a ‘Jericho,'” declared someone in the family. “We know where the band is going to set up. We’ll take turns, encircling the area, and pray for seven days.”

This they did, and come the day of the scheduled concert, under a magnificent sky, the trucks arrived with all the equipment. Hammers echoed across the town; a large stage materialized. Instruments came out of cases. The sound system was plugged in (disseminating dissonant chords). Already young people gathered excitedly!

Quietly, behind the scenes, was the prayer group, silently continuing its vigil.

“Lord,” they intoned, “we thank You already for what you are about to do to protect Your children! We trust in You!”

One can picture the scene. Mikes. Drum sets. The weather could not have been better. Ideal conditions!

Merchants sprang up everywhere with their stocks of souvenirs and drug dealers took their posts as well. “Lord, infinite is Your Mercy! You see all Your children, all these young people. Thank You for whatever plans Your fatherly Heart is going to invent in order to spare them.”

“The sun was still at its zenith, when one youth from the Jericho prayer group asked his neighbor: ‘Did you see that cloud?'” A cloud? What cloud?

“Look. Over there…!”

It didn’t belong in the clear sky.

It didn’t belong in these ideal circumstances.

“Wait a little. With Jesus, you’ll see!”

Wrote the sister, “The scene was reminiscent, in a way, of the scene from the Bible, with the cloud called forth by the prophet Elijah. The skies of Israel had been closed for more than three years and the land had suffered a terrible drought, until the prophet produced rain.”

And indeed, this tiny cloud grew bigger and bigger, and in record time transformed into an enormous black mass.

“The technicians and rock stars shook their heads; anxiety gripped them. They had good reason to worry because, in less time than it takes to tell, a torrential rain engulfed the town. It was a genuine flood, totally unforeseeable. The weather forecast had been definite: sunny throughout the day. On stage, there was total panic. It was impossible to repack everything so quickly; all the equipment and instruments were getting drenched. What a disaster for them…

“Years later, several members of the Jericho group still like to recall the episode of the ‘drowned-out concert.’ It gives them the courage to continue the fight, because the enemy is everywhere, trying to seduce or destroy our young.

“The enemy doesn’t relent. At least that night, God put His Foot down, and thousands of young people were spared. The rock group never showed up in that area again.”