You may have noticed that Renegade Radio is not programming its usual Christian Rock from 10 AM to 8 PM Monday through Saturday.


ANSWER: Not enough donations from people who want Christian Rock.

You can help by establishing a regular giving plan to keep Renegade Radio going with its mission to the younger generation.

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The military is mostly filled with people who genuinely desire to do the right thing. More Marines receive the Medal of Honor for jumping on grenades than any other action. It’s a culture where officers eat last and everyone shares their water. These people grew up as boy scouts and girl scouts. The whole reason they volunteered was because they wanted to do the right thing. But the right thing is never clear in war. If you shoot too early, an innocent person gets killed. If you shoot too late, you lose a buddy. So a lot of our injuries are moral ones. Most of us come home feeling like we did something wrong. Or we didn’t give enough. Or that our friends gave too much.

AJF1R1 Mother carrying sleeping baby. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown.


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• President Donald Trump Will Announce Supreme Court Nominee Tuesday: “I’ve Made My Decision”
• Senate Democrats Will Filibuster President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee No Matter Who It Is
• Vice-President Mike Pence Invites Pro-Life Leaders to the White House, Obama Had Abortion Activists
• Black Pastor: “People Cry for Harambe, But They Have no Love for Babies Killed Every Day” in Abortions

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• Majority of Americans Agree With President Trump’s Decision to Stop International Abortion Funding
• Pro-Life Groups Urge Senate Committee to Confirm Pro-Life Rep. Tom Price as HHS Secretary
• Heartbreaking Video Shows You What 58 Million Babies Killed in Abortion Looks Like
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• Doctor Euthanizes Patient With Dementia, Secretly Put Lethal Drugs in Her Coffee
• Pro-Life Legislator Receives Death Threats After Proposing Bill to Ban Abortions
• Miracle Twins Who Survive Birth at 23 Weeks Prompt Call to Ban Late-Term Abortions
• Networks Give Pro-Abortion “Women’s March” Three Times Move Coverage Than March for Life
• Abortion Clinic Closes After Attempting to Evade State Laws, 3rd Abortion Clinic Shut Down in 2017
• People Magazine Reported More on Pro-Abortion “Women’s March” Than President Trump Inauguration
• Netherlands Will Use $10 Million to Pay for Abortions After Trump Defunds Intl Planned Parenthood
• Abortion Doc: “Extracting a Fetus, Piece By Piece, Was Bad For My Sleep”
• Abortionist Hid Ultrasound From Patient, But Her Friend Saw It And Was Haunted Forever
• Scientists Create Human-Pig Hybrids for Organ Transplants That Could Develop Into “Monsters”
• Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic CEO Retires, Says Killing Babies “is Just No Fun Anymore”
• Planned Parenthood VP Claims “Women Will Die” Because Trump Defunded Its International Group

• New Congressional Bill Protects Babies Who Are Born Alive After Botched Abortions
• Networks Cover Pro-Abortion Women’s March 129 Times More Than March for Life
• Amazing Couple Takes Care of 9 Kids With Down Syndrome: “It’s Such a Privilege”
• Abortion Activists Investigated Pregnancy Centers and Found Out They Tell Women the Truth


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