Facts about the Universal Background Check Initiative

Las Vegas. In 2016, a question will be on the Nevada ballot regarding gun control and universal background checks. The Nevada Firearms Coalition and Nevadans for State Gun Rights Political Action Committee (PAC) are in opposition of this initiative, and are urging Nevadans to vote “no” next November.

The initiative is led and funded by former New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, along with the gun control group, Everytown and its companion group, Moms Demand Action.

According to Nevadans for State Gun Rights, the initiative will:

  1. Place limitations on lending or selling firearms regarded as personal property
  2. Force licensed federal gun dealers to sell or trade firearms regarded as personal property
  3. Federalize private property sales of firearms
  4. Increase mandatory costs to sell private property
  5. Force all gun sales to be recorded on federal forms, thus establishing a base for a federal gun registry.

Don Turner, President of the Nevada Firearms Coalition, is asking Nevadans to stand with them to fight this initiative and not allow someone from New York to tell Nevadans what is best for them.

“Nevada citizens must understand that the Bloomberg funded background initiative is as much as an attack on the 4th amendment, private property rights, as it is on the 2nd amendment, as it federalizes the management of personal property as well as sets the stage for confiscation,” said Turner, “This initiative has nothing to do with stopping the possession of guns by criminals. It only focuses on regulation of the honest citizen. It is a blatant attack on our liberties.”

For more information about Nevadans for State Gun Rights and the Nevada Firearms Coalition, contact Don at <> or visit <>.





The Surprising Rise of Christianity in Russia

October 19, 2015

By Stephen K. Ryan, author of “THE MADONNA FILES”

With America clearly in mind, Vladimir Putin recently declared: “In many countries today, moral and ethical norms are being reconsidered. They’re now requiring not only the proper acknowledgment of freedom of conscience, political views and private life, but also the mandatory acknowledgment of the equality of good and evil.”

Putin’s words on faith have surprised the world. Media, including conservative religious magazines, find it hard to believe that  Russian society is transforming into a Christian nation.

Perhaps the great untold story about the crisis in Syria is how American foreign policy actually puts the minority Christians in harms way. The Catholic Herald writes: “There’s something especially sinister about the way our governments have followed a Wahhabi-led scheme to overthrow a secular dictatorship, a revolution that would almost certainly endanger Christians in the land of St Paul.” The demonized Assad regime has  actually been the protector of the Christian minority for decades. The Catholic Herald asks “Will Putin’s Holy War Save Syrian Christians.”

While Russian leaders were attending Church services, halfway around the world Obama has not attended a public church service since his election.

While religious freedoms are under attack in the USA, Russia is investing $100 million to rebuild churches throughout the country. Money to rebuild these houses of worship is coming from Russian taxpayers. Such a thing is unthinkable in the US.  Imagine US media reaction if President Obama were to decide to invest $100 million US taxpayer dollars in such projects.

Russia’s turn to Christianity is virtually unknown in the US. Many Christian leaders are oblivious to what is happening in Russia. Pastors Pat Robertson and John Hagee still believe Russia is an atheist, Communist country and these prominent End-Times Christian pastors are raising money and rattling their sabers to go to war against the Godless state.

Further to the surprise of many Americans, particularly Evangelical Christians, Vladimir Putin carries a Christian cross with him at all times. Vladimir Putin has frequently praised the Russian Orthodox Church for “educating citizens in a spirit of patriotism and love of country, passing on love for spiritual values and history.” For his part, Russian Patriarch Kirill said that he hoped that the Lord would help Putin “in performing the high task God gave him.” Kirill also praised the prime minister for the way Putin managed the economic crisis, which has had a greater impact in Russia than elsewhere in the world.

Christian influence penetrates the Russian Military

imOnline News Magazine “Vocative” writes “For all the talk about how Soviet-style repression has returned to Russia under President Vladimir Putin, one thing that’s decidedly not a throwback is the role of the Russian Orthodox Church. To the dismay of critics, the church’s power has grown immensely over the past few years as Putin has reached out to Russia’s conservative heartland for support. In the Soviet era, publicly saying that you believe in God was a surefire way to ruin your career, or at worst, earn a one-way ticket to the Gulag. But today, priests regularly sprinkle Russian space rockets with holy water ahead of liftoff.

Interfax reported that Patriarch Kirill told the Strategic Missile Forces Academy in Moscow “…that in the last ten years many garrison churches and Sunday schools have opened in secret military towns of Russia.” Patriarch Kirill awarded the Special Strategic Missile Forces a pennant with the image of the Holy Great Martyr Barbara, the heavenly protector of the branch.

Is the Russian Government building deeply a Christian society? It’s hard to say.