Top Stories
• Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood Want Free Abortions on Babies After 20 Weeks
• Cecile Richards Tells Democrats: Hillary Clinton Will Stand Up for Abortion
• Lena Dunham: Elect Hillary Clinton Because She Thinks Abortion Should be a “Human Right”
• Planned Parenthood CEO at Private “Sex” Party: “I Can’t Wait Until Hillary’s in the White House”

More Pro-Life News
• Planned Parenthood CEO Blasts Donald Trump for Wanting to Overturn Roe: That’s “Disturbing”
• Activist Brags About Her Abortion at Democrat Convention: It Was a “Compassionate” Decision
• White House Won’t Say if Obama Agrees With Democrat Platform Promoting Free Abortions
• Tim Kaine, the Pro-Abortion “Catholic,” Officially Becomes Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate
• After Aborting 24-Week-Old Disabled Baby, Doc Says “The Abortion Went Well, The Patient is Good”
• Veteran Condemned to Die: Put on “Death Pathway” After Doctors Claim He Can’t be Saved
• Tim Kaine Flip-Flopped to Win Hillary Clinton’s VP Slot, Now Supports Free Abortions
• UNSAFE: Eleventh Woman Rushed to Hospital from Bakersfield Abortion Facility
• Judge Won’t Dismiss Lawsuit Against Planned Parenthood for Claiming Pro-Lifers Support Violence
• Less Activism and More Factivism: No Group is More Vulnerable Than the Unborn
• Scientists Cloning More Animals Using Dolly the Sheep, May Lead to Human Cloning
• Illegal Pro-Abortion Mural Calling for Repeal of 8th Amendment is Removed


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