I am writing to ask you to please take a few minutes right now to complete the National Research Survey of 1,000,000 Christians Concerning ABORTION vs. LIFE.

We believe this will be the largest survey of American Christian opinion ever conducted on the subject of abortion.

We will be sharing the results of this enormous survey .

We expect this survey of 1,000,000 Christians to receive wide media coverage and the results to be studied carefully by America’s Christian leaders and leaders in government.

We will also be encouraging pastors to talk about the results of this survey with their congregations and to make this survey report available to their parishioners.

The main purpose of this survey is to show Christian leaders and leaders in government the true views of American Christians on ABORTION vs. LIFE.

Most Americans oppose abortion, except in rare circumstances (such as in instances of rape, incest, and to save the life of the mother).

Recent polls show this. For example . . .

  • An Opinion Dynamics poll found that 73% of Americans oppose legalized abortion except when the mother’s life is at risk;
  • In Gallup’s 2012 survey, a record-low 41% said they were “pro-choice,” while 50% identified themselves as “pro-life;” and
  • Polls also show that Americans, by a solid two-to-one majority, want Congress to protect children in the womb who have reached 20 weeks of development!

And young people, age 18-25 are becoming the most pro-life age group – a complete change from 30 years ago. So, America is becoming much more pro-life, not less.

The more people understand what abortion really is, the more they oppose it.

But the news media keeps giving the impression that America is overwhelmingly pro-abortion.

This is what has pro-life politicians spooked. Even most pro-life politicians prefer not to discuss their stand on the right to life.


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