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December 13, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Radically social liberal Doug Jones was elected to the US Senate by three main forces – organizations heavily financed by the world’s leading globalist George Soros, the Saul Alinsky-inspired Obama/Democratic Party Community Organizing machine (also Soros backed) and Republican Party establishment leader, Trump-despising RINO Mitch McConnell.
Jones would not have stood a remote chance of defeating Roy Moore without that massive support. There was nothing exciting or exceptional about Doug Jones to inspire voters.
The people of Alabama were taken for a ride and deprived by these unethical forces of electing a Senator who would truly represent their principles. If I were from Alabama I would be enraged over this abuse of my state’s Democratic process by all those powerful and wealthy outsiders.
But there is an even much worse outcome of the election. That is, Doug Jones owes Soros big time. That will certainly translate into voting and other actions as a U.S. senator that must advance the Soros New World Order. He is now a Soros puppet.
Jones also perversely owes Republican McConnell for the reportedly $30 million that the self-destructing Republican establishment spent to defeat their own party’s candidate. They did nothing for Moore at all.
Senate numbers have now gone from 52 Republicans and 48 Democrats to 51-49. That is a razor thin margin, especially considering that at least three Republicans Senators are anti-Trump, liberal RINO (Republicans in Name Only).
With the Senate balance between Republicans and Democrats now so extremely close, Trump’s revolutionary, conservative and constitutional government-restoring agenda is in greater danger. That puts the nation and, by extension, even the world in danger. Had Moore been elected we would have seen many more great things happening because of the critically strengthened conservative balance in the Senate. That one extra vote would have made a huge difference.
Brietbart News reported that Pastor Kenneth Glasgow led the Soros, far-leftist political machine in Alabama, It stated,
Glasgow, half-brother of the Rev. Al Sharpton and described by the New York Times as a “onetime criminal,” envisioned a decade ago that if convicts could vote, “There would be a lot of difference in our legislators, our elected officials and our presidents that we’ve had.” He said, “It would definitely change the political spectrum of Alabama.” Glasgow now hopes that people with criminal records “swarming the polls” can give the win to Jones.
He achieved just that. Breitbart noted that he “successfully registered thousands of felons across Alabama in recent weeks.” It was further reported,
Glasgow is the president of the Ordinary People Society (TOPS) and former leader of the radical Free Alabama Movement (FAM), which has worked with many radical left organizations, such as the Industrial Workers of the World and the Anarchist Black Cross Federation.
Nice fellow. How do you feel about that, people of Alabama?
It is difficult for me to understand how George Soros gets away with all his nefarious deeds in so many nations. Why has he not been arrested numerous times? At the very least, why has he not been publicly called to account by political and other leaders so that the public better understands how dangerous Soros and his huge army of political saboteurs are to democracy and freedom in the world.
Soros has even gained massive influence in the Catholic Church and the Vatican through his population control, climate change and New World Order-advocating close associates Jeffrey Sachs, Ban Ki-Moon and many others. They have become regular speakers and advisers in the Vatican – something that none of us would have ever dreamed remotely possible under previous papacies. It is sickening.
The world needs to wake up to George Soros – FAST.
Following are some noteworthy past LifeSite articles that should give you a very good overview of the dangerous George Soros:
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