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On July 4 101.3 FM celebrated its 17th birthday. There were fireworks and parades

as Renegade continues to serve the best Christian rock, Metal and Hip Hop in the state.

We at Renegade Radio Encourage and support youth to lead healthy respectable lives through the broadcast of cutting edge Music….We promote encouragement, hope, positive family relationships and respect for one another. We also use our broadcast capabilities to promote and better the communities that we serve. We look forward to being a partner with you in enriching the lives of our youth and young adults listeners

Please email the t-shirt guru with any questions.

All funds raised will go directly to Sierra Nevada Christian Music Association Inc.
Cost = $20. Your purchase helps Renegade Radio continue to help.

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HiLight and copy the url below. Paste it up there in that tiny little window that now says  renegaderadio and open the page.

Shirts delivered about 2 weeks after closing.

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