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 Joshua Fest 2018 Artist Announcements
Lecrae will be at Joshua Fest in 2018
You can still purchase your Early Bird ticket, while supplies last!
Stephen Christian from Anberlin
With Anberlin making a significant impact in the rock music industry during their years of activity (1998-2014), including seven studio albums under labels Tooth & Nail and Universal Republic, Christian could not hang up the microphone for long. Alongside the title of “frontman,” Christian has also acquired the titles of pastor, philosopher, author, humanitarian and tribe leader throughout the past decade. Much of this was due to his launching of The Art Collective, a podcast that explores sources of influence and inspiration for a wide array of artists, writers, musicians, etc. He now enjoys life at home in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife and two daughters.
What do you say about Propaganda? He’s a poet, political activist, husband, father, academic, & emcee. With LA flowing through his veins & armed with a bold message, Propaganda has assembled a body of work that challenges his listeners with every verse & reaches across the spectrum of pop culture. From aggressive battle raps to smooth introspective rhythms, Propaganda’s music will cause you to nod your head, but more importantly it will stretch your mind & heart.
Matt & Toby from Emery and Bad Christian Podcast
Matt Carter and Toby Morrell have become icons in their genre as master craftsmen of clever hooks and heartfelt lyrics as two of the founding members of the successfull band Emery, The Bad Christian Podcast and the Bad Christian Music Label. With a career spanning well over a decade, Emery has sold nearly half a million records and have tirelessly toured the US and beyond since their inception. Their incredibly loyal fan base all over the world will be excited to know that creativity is still in full swing for the guys.
Joshua Fest 2018, Friday Night Headliner

Crowder has been embraced for his lyrically powerful and musically elaborate and unpredictable songs that have found themselves being sung everywhere from churches to clubs all across the country. Crowder’s first solo album, Neon Steeple, debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard 200, was named iTunes 2014 Christian Album of the Year, garnered multiple radio hits, two GRAMMY® nominations, a Grand Ole Opry debut, a Dove Award and multiple nods and numerous K-LOVE Fan Award Nominations. American Prodigal, the awaited follow-up album, released on Sept. 23. As an active member of the Passion movement founded by Louie Giglio, Crowder participates in the impactful university student gatherings in the U.S. and around the world. A published author, Crowder has also penned two books including his acclaimed release, “Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven, but Nobody Wants to Die.”

Family Force 5
Saturday, July 21st, 2018
For Nashville-based band FF5, each live show is the party of a lifetime: a supremely wild and sweaty free-for-all that’s nothing short of transcendent. With their boundary-blurring and infectious breed of pop music, FF5 carefully dreams up each stage production to deliver a live experience like no other.
“At every show we strive to do something that no one’s ever seen before,” says Teddy (drummer). “We want people to be able to totally lose themselves, with all the lights and the colors, the dance moves and the high kicks.”
With their stage show changing dramatically for each tour, fans can expect to experience: 20-foot-tall light towers flashing every color of the DayGlo rainbow, onstage trampolines, life-size drum machines, band members crowd-surfing inside a giant plastic bubble, and the most inspired synchronized dancing since Sheila E. in Krush Groove.
“We tend to go with a bit of an ’80s vibe, so that everything’s about putting on a great show,” says Joshua (bass, vocals). “For the last tour we borrowed Michael Jackson’s toaster move, where you shoot somebody right up out of the stage. He and Prince are still resounding in our lives in a major way.” Now at work on a new full-length, FF5 is also channeling that ’80s influence into their recorded material. “If Prince is driving the car and Tears for Fears are in the passenger’s seat, then we’re the kids riding in the back, taking notes on everything,” says Teddy of the band’s upcoming album.
Within this joyful chaos, FF5 ultimately fulfill a greater mission: creating an undeniable sense of abandon in fans hungry for pure fun and spontaneity. “A lot of times, people take themselves and the things going on in their lives too seriously,” says Jacob (vocals). “We want to give them a little break from real life, to help them let go and really enjoy themselves, so that all of us can experience this crazy dance party together.”
Project 86
Friday, July 20th, 2018
Project 86 is an American rock band from Orange County, California, formed in 1996. The band has released eight albums, which have collectively sold nearly 500,000 units worldwide, two EPs, two DVDs, and one live album. [1] Their music is considered by most to be a rock/post-hardcore/alternative style. Frontman Andrew Schwab‘s poetic and introspective lyrics have addressed a wide variety of topics such as conformity and emptiness.  The band was started by Schwab as a way to inspire people to live their lives with hope.
The Lost Dogs
Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

Terry Scott Taylor (Daniel Amos), Michael Roe (The 77’s), Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong (The Choir) are The Lost Dogs. They have stood the test of time and are counted among the best musicians in the business. Not only will the “The Lost Dogs” be playing as a band, but each member will be performing a solo acoustic set!

The Lost Dogs are best known for their beautiful three-part harmony, guitar expertise, and easy, down-to-earth, crowd-pleasing banter that reflects their individual, yet highly complimentary, personalities.

For many years music insiders and critics, along with a steadily growing number of fans all over the world, have recognized The Lost Dogs as individually brilliant singer/songwriters and storytellers in their own right. Possessing a musical skill and style reminiscent of the traditional American roots songs of Oh Brother Where Art Thou, together with a distinctive narrative delivery that can only be described as Lake Woebegone Day meets Hank William meets Jim Carey, over the years each “Dog” has also produced various solo and individual band recordings. Included among the many stylistically diverse projects written and performed by an individual Dog is everything from CBS and Nickelodeon cartoon themes to award winning music created for Steven Spielberg and Dream Works’ very first interactive video game. The guys have also worked with Americana artists Buddy Miller, Emmylou Harris and Mary Gothier.

Remedy Drive
Saturday, July 21st, 2018
Remedy Drive is an independent rock band from Lincoln, NE. The band has been touring nationally playing around 200 shows a year for the past three years. Remedy Drive is currently on tour in support of their most recent album ‘Rip Open The Skies’. This new project, recorded in Nashville with producer Jim Cooper, focuses the energy and momentum of a band most known for the harmonies and intensity in their piano driven rock tunes.
“The last thing any of us are looking for is a diluted existence – the shadow and not the substance.” says David Zach, songwriter for the band. “But I find myself chasing the wind. I catch myself actually believing that success can bring happiness – that accomplishment can complete me – that gold or plastic can validate my existence.” This band claims to have found the hope that reaches beyond the boundaries of a fallen world. This music echoes a call to live for something more then the American dream – more then suburban accomplishment – more then sixty-five years and a mortgage. This music is a call to a new life and a new heart.

How can I sing about liberty if I’m not running after it? How can I sing about freedom if I’m selling out? Or buying in? I’m a soul inside a body – I’m not a commodity.

My hope is that this album will sound like a captive’s dream of liberty – a defiant reminder, against all odds, that it’s in the King’s kingdom the oppressed can find refuge, the marginalized can find hope, the child soldier can find safety, the trafficked daughter in the red light district can return to her innocence again as a princess of the realm.

Spending these last couple years researching and writing these songs has led me to believe in the idea that freedom and justice are in the hands of the ordinary. I took my first two trips to Southeast Asia earlier this year to get involved wiith a coalition of forces that are going into the darkest of all places to capture evidence of children being trafficked and sold by the hour for the purpose of rescuing them. I went undercover in the red-light districts of several cities with some of the operatives of The Exodus Road and am going to continue to go back because I believe freedom can only be achieved when we “develop a kind of dangerous unselfishness” as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said. During this next chapter of Remedy Drive we are going to do everything in our power to raise awareness and to fund rescue.

More Bands to be announced to the Joshua Fest 2018 Line-Up soon!
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