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Homewood, Calif. — Homewood Mountain Resort welcomes the Homewood Labor Day Fine Arts & Crafts Festival, the final Pacific Fine Arts Festivals’ Homewood event of the summer taking place over the holiday weekend, Friday through Sunday September 2-4, 2016, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. This free event brings together more than 40 artists displaying their wares against the beautiful backdrop of Homewood Mountain, featuring an assortment of collectable arts and crafts, ranging from, ceramics, jewelry, woodwork, photography and much more. Take a break in your day to visit with the artists, browse their handcrafted, enticing artwork and find a treasure to take home. Among the works on display at this year’s event:


Andy Blanchard of Truckee has been working with clay for 12 years creating unique, functional pottery that can be used on a daily basis and still withstand the test of time. Andy continually experiments with glaze chemistry to come up with new and exciting glazes, which involves a lot of trial and error. “I work with several different kinds of stoneware and porcelain at different temperatures to achieve different glaze effects,” he says. “I apply most of my glazes with a spray gun to achieve wonderful blending effects.” The area where Andy lives serves as an inspiration and he often incorporates mountains into his work. He is also inspired by traditional Chinese forms and he always emphasizes quality craftsmanship.


Garry Moore describes himself as an “old school ” landscape photographer because he uses a film camera and prints all but the largest of his photographs in his own color. “Being able to do my own printing has allowed me to develop a signature style image,” says Garry. “I take a sequence of shots that when printed and mounted side by side create a single panoramic image.” Because each individual photo can be any size when they are mounted together some finished images can be quite large when completed. These Ilfochrome photographs are printed directly from the original slides. Not only does this process produce museum quality archival photographs, they are also extremely rich in color and detail.


Fleurette Sevin’s work with glass started with traditional lamp-worked beads using a torch and kiln. Although she still makes some of those traditional style beads, her work has evolved using those same techniques applied to melting and shaping recycled glass bottles into beads and pendants. She also cuts and fuses glass bottles to make barrettes, holiday ornaments and jewelry. Interest is added to the artwork with sandblasting and tumbling techniques or adding other recycled materials like plumbing pipe and telephone wire. Fleurette has been merging glass and metal in some pieces and tries to use recycled materials whenever she can. “As an extra touch, I do not use paper or plastic bags for customer purchases, but make my own out of recycled fabric samples.”


Everything Jeff Davison creates in his shop is made from local trees in southern California. He specializes in natural edge bowls that usually have the bark left on. He also makes round bowls out of Norfolk Pine, Star Pine, and other beautiful trees. “Yes, wood turning is an obsession with me. Every morning I walk out to my shop and am just as exited as to what I am about to create as I was many years ago when I started wood turning,” says Jeff. “I have been a wood worker

for 30 years doing cabinets, furniture and anything else I could think of . Wood turning is what I want to do for the rest of my life for as long as I am able.”
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Homewood Mountain Resort is located off Highway 89, just 6 miles southwest of Tahoe City. For more information about the event, contact Homewood Mountain Resort at (530) 525-2992 or Pacific Fine Arts Festivals at (209) 276-4394. You can also see more information at or on Facebook <>, Twitter <>, Instagram <> and Pinterest <>.

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