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• Former Sex Worker and Rape Survivor: God Cancelled My Five Abortion Appointments
• 409 Babies Saved From Abortion So Far in Latest 40 Days for Life Campaign
• Former Abortionist Reveals the Heartbreaking Ways Women Respond After Their Abortions
• Abortion Clinic Worker Quits After Seeing Aborted Babies, “They Were The Faces of God’s Children”

More Pro-Life News
• Baby’s Heart Stopped Beating For 26 Minutes But She Survived
• Family of Preemie Baby Girl About the Size of a Cell Phone Asks for Prayers
• Man Who Sexually Abused 8-Year-Old Kept Abusing Her for Years After Abortion Clinic Ignored It
• Photographer Takes Adorable Pictures of Sleeping Newborn Babies
• Hospitals Are Saving Babies Born at 22 Weeks Who Could be Killed in Abortions
• Criminal Proceedings Started Against Two Doctors Who Did Sex-Selection Abortions

• Planned Parenthood: Dress Up As Pro-Abortion Ruth Bader Ginsburg for Halloween

• Picture of Grandma’s Last Day At the Beach Goes Viral
• Media Ignores 400 African-Americans Marching to Stop Abortions on Black Babies
• Medical Director for Chain of Abortion Clinics is a Convicted Sex Offender

• Infanticide is Okay But Peter Singer Says Chimps Should Have Human Rights
• Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Backs Michelle Nunn in Georgia, Trashes David Perdue
• Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Lies to North Dakota Voters About Measure 1