Pro Life Briefs

Pro Life Briefs


The picture is of a child who had been slated for a government-forced abortion. She was alive while in the womb and continues to be alive, thanks to God and donors.

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Top Stories

• House Passes Pro-Life Bill Banning Late-Term Abortions After 20 Weeks
• Hillary Clinton Slams House for Passing Bill to Protect Babies From Late-Term Abortions
• Barack Obama Would Veto Pro-Life Bill to Ban Abortions After 20 Weeks
• Congressman: Democrats Say They Stand for the Voiceless While They Support Killing Babies in Abortions
• Marco Rubio: Senate Must Vote “Immediately” on Bill Banning Late-Term Abortions After 20 Weeks
• The 5 Adorable Siblings in Foster Care Found Their Forever Family
• Mom Says Doctor Left Cell Phone Inside Her After Delivering Baby, Noticed When Her Stomach Vibrated
• I Became Pregnant at 14 After Rape. If You Think I Should Have Had an Abortion, Consider This

More Pro-Life News
• New Study Confirms Delaying Pregnancy or Having Abortion Raises Breast Cancer Risk
• She Didn’t Even Know She Was Pregnant Until She Gave Birth on a Plane
• Court Finds People Guilty of Harvesting Cells From Aborted Babies for Use in Cosmetics
• Lacey Parker Has Down Syndrome But Made the Cheerleading Squad. Her Reaction is the Cutest Thing
• Abortion is Allowed Up to Birth in Canada, Pro-Life Canadians Will March for Life to Protest
• Hunger Games’ Star Elizabeth Banks Pushes Planned Parenthood Abortion Business
• Man Who Killed His Mother in “Assisted Suicide” by Overdosing Her on Drugs Won’t be Prosecuted
• Fargo, North Dakota Schools Finally Allow Pro-Life Club After Initial Discrimination
• New Zealand Government Spends $25 Million Promoting New Flag, $0 Protecting Babies From Abortion
• Mad That His Girlfriend Didn’t Abort Their Baby, He Threw Her Daughter Off a Cliff and Killed Her
• Miracle Baby Survives After 8 Days Buried Alive, Parents Abandoned Him Over a Cleft Lip
• Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards: Protecting Viable Babies From Abortion “Lacks Compassion”
• Rick Santorum’s Miracle Daughter Bella, Who Has Trisomy 18, Defies the Odds, Turns 7
• Some People May Call My Son “Imperfect,” But Should He Have Been Aborted Instead?
• Topless Feminists Disrupt Canadian March for Life to Protest for Abortion
• Woman Calls Aborting Her Disabled Baby “The Kindest, Most Human Decision”
• Dead Newborn Baby Dropped Off at Nurse’s Office at New York High School
• UN Pushing for Abortions on Babies of Girls Raped by Boko Haram
• Texas House Passes Pro-Life Bill to Stop Rubber Stamping Teen Abortions
• “Catholic” Georgetown University Honors Abortion Advocates at Commencement Ceremonies
• Louisiana House Passes Pro-Life Bill to Ban Sex-Selection Abortions
• Euthanasia Group Found Guilty of Breaking Minnesota Assisted Suicide Ban