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• Brooke Shields Was Almost an Abortion Victim: My Grandfather Paid My Mother to Abort Me
• Brittany Maynard’s Mother Calls Vatican Assisted Suicide Opposition “A Slap in the Face”
• Topless Feminists Protest for Abortion at The Vatican in St. Peter’s Square
• Abortion “Doctor” Who Left Decapitated Unborn Baby Inside Mother Has License Suspended

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• If You’re Pro-Life But Support Abortion in Cases of Rape, Are You Really Pro-Life?

• Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Has Closed 27 Clinics So Far in 2014
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• Couple Spends $50,000 to Conceive a Girl Through Sex-Selection IVF

• Swiss March for Life Draws 2,500 to Protect Babies With Down Syndrome From Abortion
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• Advances in Adult Stem Cell Research Make Use of Embryos Outdated and Unnecessary
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