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Top Stories
• Mother Who Murdered Her Three Disabled Children, Including Twin Boys, Won’t Face Charges
• Sick Nurse Breathes on Ill Baby and Says “It Would Be Better Off Dead”
• Responding to “Aborting My Baby With Down Syndrome Was the Kindest Thing I Could Do”
• 1-Pound Baby Kept Alive in Freezer Bag Celebrates His First Birthday

More Pro-Life News
• Sex Trafficking Victims: Doctors Who Did Abortions On Us Were Also Clients
• Two Children Were Raped Several Times, Clinic Did Abortions But Never Reported Rapes
• Abortion Doc Left Woman Infertile: “He Stole My Most Important Ability and I Can’t Get it Back”
• Norma McCorvey: Cocaine and Drug Use Was Rampant at Abortion Clinics
• Doctors Wanted Me to Abort at 23 Weeks, But Look at My Little Girl Now
• Abortion Clinic Defends Abortions With “Jesus Never Shamed Women” Sign

• Abortion Activist: Everyone Would Love Abortion if Pro-Lifers Hadn’t “Brainwashed” People

• 40% of Unborn Babies in New York City are Aborted, Planned Parenthood Wants More
• Shock: Liberal ACLU Defends Black Pro-Lifer’s Free Speech Rights From NAACP Attacks
• Pro-Choice is Morphing Into Pro-Abortion as Writer Claims “Abortion is Great”