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Top Stories
• Pro-Abortion Alabama Senate Candidate Doug Jones Defeats Roy Moore, Planned Parenthood Applauds
• Ohio Legislature Passes Bill to Ban Abortions on Babies With Down Syndrome
• Former Planned Parenthood VP Tina Smith Replaces Disgraced Pro-Abortion Senator Al Franken
. Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Closed 32 Clinics in 2017, Runs Fewer Centers Than Ever Before

More Pro-Life News
• Pennsylvania Legislature Passes Bill to Ban Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limb
• Biased Committee Recommends Legalizing Unlimited Abortions on Unborn Babies in Ireland
• Doctors Said to Abort Vanellope Because Her Heart Would Be Outside Her Body, But Look at Her Now
• Planned Parenthood Hails Doug Jones Win as Victory Over “Predators,” As It Covers Up Sexual Abuse
• Planned Parenthood Claims There’s “No Difference” Between a Miscarriage and an Abortion
• Even As Media Whine About Trump, Their Hostile Coverage Shows No Let Up
• Planned Parenthood Exposed for Lying About Pro-Life Judicial Nominee Amy Barrett
• CBS Donates 20 Minutes to Pro-Abortion Joe Biden to Lobby for His 2020 Presidential Bid
• Mom of 6-Year-Old With Down Syndrome: It’s Okay if Babies With Down Syndrome are Aborted
• Doctor Spiked Pregnant Girlfriend’s Drink With the Abortion Pill, He Didn’t Want to be a Father
• Irish Pro-Life Group Slams Committee’s “Appalling” Vote for Legalizing Abortion on Demand
Top Stories
• Cecile Richards: Time for Women to Start Bragging About Their Abortions, Don’t be “Ashamed”
• “This is Us” Star Many Moore and Other Celebrities Will Headline Planned Parenthood Christmas Show
• Medical Waste Firm That Processed Aborted Babies Cancels Contracts With Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics
. Chelsea Handler Called Pro-Life White House Spokeswoman Sarah Sanders a “Whore.” Now She Has a New Insult


More Pro-Life News
• Senate Confirms Pro-Life Appeals Court Nominee Steve Grasz
• Metro Allows Ads From Pro-Abortion Group Denies Ad Celebrating Christmas and Jesus’ Birth
• CNN Caught Falsely Claiming Abortions Go Down Under Democrats
• Was it God’s Plan for Me to Survive a Botched Abortion?
• Two Places Illegally Selling Aborted Baby Parts for Planned Parenthood Forced to Close. What Happens to the Baby Parts?
• Planned Parenthood Uses Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Lutheran and Episcopal Labels to Push Fundraising Campaign
• Gov. Tom Wolf’s Campaign Creates Video Defending Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Off Babies’ Limbs
• North Korea Forces Human Trafficking Victim to Have Abortion Under Kim Jong-Un’s Ban on Mixed-Race Babies
• House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy Says This Congress is “One of the Most Successful” for Pro-Lifers. Here’s Why
• Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Opens New Tampa Clinic to “Coach Young People” to Have Sex
• Supreme Court Asked to Stop Maine Law Used to Silence Pro-Life People